For End Users

If you have any issues with Draycir software, please contact your Draycir Business Partner in the first instance.

For Draycir Business Partners and users with Direct Support

Our preferred method of contact is via our Draycir Freshdesk portal or in case of an emergency by telephone on +44 116 255 3010 (option 2).

If you are experiencing issues accessing our portal please email:

Draycir Freshdesk Portal is the preferred method as it has numerous advantages:

  • Your ticket is automatically logged in our system and you will be allocated your ticket number via return email.
  • You can explain in detail the problem and include images and most importantly, the log files from the affected Draycir software
  • Draycir support can prioritise incoming tickets in a fair way for all customers
  • Our portal will present potential solutions based upon the text provided in the "subject" field

What to include in your email

In order for the Draycir support team to assist you faster, and get your customers running with the software sooner, please 

  • Describe the problem.
  • Include all version numbers - including Draycir products, Windows, MS Office, Exchange, SQL Server, IIS etc. (as applicable).
  • Send in the Log Files (see below for locations) and any illustrative screenshots.
  • Bullet point what you have done to investigate already - and the outcome.
  • Customer contact details, - including any external IT partners if applicable.
  • Your contact details telephone & Email.
  • Any protocols for accessing clients Machines/Servers.
  • Advise if the problem has just started and if so advise what has changed since it last worked and when.
  • Advise the extent of the problem. Does it affect all users, all machines, or the whole implementation?
  • Indicate the urgency of the incident. While Draycir support appreciate that any incident is important to the customer, we must recognise that some incidents are more urgent that others. Be aware that if you tell us that an incident is urgent, we will expect you to respond to any request for further information or to apply any proposed solution quickly. Failure with communication will mean we have to downgrade the urgency to allow us to deal with other priority cases. 

Draycir will attempt to contact you on three occasions by email and phone on third email the ticket will be closed, you will have 3 days to reply to re-open the ticket but Draycir support will always be here when you need us.

Draycir Log file locations

Current Software

Spindle Document Management

- [Documents]\My Draycir Logs (default location, can be overridden in SDM Tools)

- Server 

Credit Hound v6

- [Documents]\My Draycir Logs\Credit Hound\

Spindle Document Capture:

- Client logs - Documents\My Draycir Logs\Spindle Document Capture\

- Server logs - ProgramData\Draycir\Spindle Document Capture\Server\Logs\

Legacy Software

Credit Hound v5 and earlier

- [Documents]\My Draycir Logs

Spindle Professional

- [Documents]\My Draycir Logs

This will allow us to help you faster.

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