With the Introduction of 2 Factor Authentication within O365, The SDM/SP Exchange connector will fail to authenticate and will therefore be unable to automate the documents. 

Applies to

Spindle Pro 6/Spindle Document Management v7 and later


For each user, you need to generate something called an App Password in Office 365 and use this in place of the original password. This functionality is made for scenarios exactly like this one, where a client non-browser application cannot connect to Office 365 because of Multi Factor Authentication. (More info here:

Generating an App Password

Please follow this article for information on how to generate the App Password:

Once this is done, you can use the App Password in Spindle Tools as per the below steps:

Spindle Document Distribution Tools:

  • Get each user to go into Spindle Tools and click on User Settings > Email Settings > Exchange Online/Office 365 > Setup
  • Put in their Email address
  • Important: Instead of the normal Office 365 password for their email account, they need to input their App Password created
  • Note: One issue in SDD is the Auto-Discover URL does not work with App Passwords. So it is best for the user to enter this URL in manually as
  • Click Test Connection – This should now work.

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