This article will show you how to take a SQL Database backup, of which the support team may need from time to time to investigate issues within the software.


You have logged a call with Draycir and one of the support technicians has asked you for a backup of your database.

Steps to follow

  • Launch SQL Server Management Studio
  • Connect to the SQL instance where your database is
  • Navigate Object Explorer to find the database you would like to backup
  • Right click the database and follow Tasks -> Back Up...
  • On the window that opens up, press on the Add... button
  • A smaller window will open with a path on, navigate to a location which you would like to back up to
  • Navigate through your folder structure and find the location which you want to save the back up to
  • Before you press OK, make sure to type in a file name including the .bak extension
  • Once you have done this, press OK on the smaller windows to get back to the Back Up Database window
  • Press OK, and that's your SQL database backup made!

Applies to 

All SQL Based Draycir products, this is a generic KB article.

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All SQL Based Draycir Products
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