Following an upgrade to Spindle Document Management v8 and later, you may encounter the error messages below.

Applies to 

Spindle Document Management v8.x


  • Use Domain Account for SDC ServiceUser
  • Ensure that Client Admin is using the server's hostname rather than IP Address
  • Update the following places with this new user account details :
    1. Services > Spindle Document Capture Mobile > Logon
    2. Services > Spindle Document Capture > Logon
    3. IIS Management Console > Application Pools > SDCAdmin > Advanced Settings > Identity
    4. IIS Management Console > Application Pools > SDCWebApi > Advanced Settings > Identity
    5. NTFS Permissions of Document Storage location (as configured in Server Administration > System Configuration > Archive Locations)
    6. Ensure that the domain account has db_owner permission on the Draycir.SDC database in SQL Server Management Studio

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