Server Installation Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 or higher
  • IIS 7 or above with
  • MS SQL Server 2005 or above (32 or 64 bit)
  • Minimum of MS .NET Framework 4.5 (installed prior to EBD installation)
  • Sage 200 2011 or above
  • Admin privileges for installation


Server Pre-Requisites

  • Check that the default web site is available for use in IIS – port 80
  • Check the exact version of Sage 200 being used
  • SQL user with sysadmin access   (either new or existing user)  



Client Installation Requirements

  • MS Windows 7 or above
  • MS Excel 2010 or above
  • Minimum of MS .NET Framework 4.5 (must be installed prior to EBD installation) •   Admin privileges for installation


Client Pre-Requisites 

  • Check whether client PCs are using 32- or 64-bit version of MS Office

Server Installation

  1. Run the Excel-Data-Bridge.exe file as Administrator on the Sage 200 Server.


  1. Click Next at the Welcome Screen.



  1. Accept the terms in the Licence Agreement and click Next.
  1. Enter the following before clicking Next: -

Database =   

either localhost or <<servername>>.

Connect using =  

log-in ID and password of user with sysadmin rights

Database Name =



  1. Select the relevant Sage 200 version and click Next.
  1. Select whether to install to Default Website, Port and Location, or custom settings and click Next.



  1. Click Next to install to the default destination folders or change to install to a different local drive.


  1. Click Install to start the installation process.





  1. Click Finish to complete the installation process.


Server Configuration

Create a Super User Login

  1. Open a web page and access http://localhost/ExcelDataBridgeMaint to open the Excel Data Bridge maintenance website.

  1. Create a Super User login by entering a User Name and Password and click Register.   

NOTE - This Super User log-in is for you to use so make a note of the details. 


Licence Key

Email for licence keys. 

1. Click Licences > Apply > paste the licence key into the Key field > Apply.   

You will see how many users are licenced for each of the EDB worksheets.  You will only see entries for the worksheets you have requested.

Create a Web Admin Login

  1. Select User Maintenance > New.  


  1. Enter a Name and Password for the Web Admin user and ensure that only the Web Administrator box is ticked.  



NOTE – Give the details for the Web Admin user to your customer so they can maintain Excel Data Bridge and create user licences going forward.




Create Database Links

  1. Select Datasource Maintenance > New > Click here for bulk creation, to create a link to your customers Sage 200 databases.   


  1. Enter the SQL log-in details for the sysadmin user and enter either localhost or the SQL server name in the Server field before clicking Select Companies.


NOTE – This does not have to be the sa user – just a windows user with sysadmin rights.


  1. Select the Sage 200 companies you need to link to then click Create.




Refresh Default Data

Open Refresh Default Data and select Refresh to ensure each component required for Excel Data Bridge is up to date.

Client Installation Download

  1. Open a web page and enter the following address: - http://localhost/ExcelDataBridgeInstallers (if downloading on Server PC) http://<<ServerName>>/ExcelDataBridgeInstallers (if downloading on Client PC)


NOTE – You will also find the client installer files have been added to            

Program Files/Draycir/Excel Data Bridge/Client Installers as part of Server install.   


  1. Click the relevant client installation link to download it. Download both if the client PCs have a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel.



Client Installation

  1. Run the relevant Excel-Data-Bridge Client.exe file as Administrator on each client.


  1. Click Next at the Welcome Screen.



  1. Accept the terms in the Licence Agreement and click Next.
  1. Select the relevant Sage 200 version and click Next.


  1. Select if all users of this PC can access Excel Data Bridge, or only the current user.
  1. Click Install to start the installation process.



  1. Click Finish to complete the installation process.


Client Configuration

Connect Client to Server

  1. Select the Excel Data Bridge tab in Excel.


  1. Click Server Config and enter <<servername>>/ExcelDataBridgeServer.  


  1. Now click the Help icon   to see the details of the Windows User currently logged on to Excel. Make a note of the user-name as they now need a user account created, so they can use Excel Data Bridge in Excel.



Create Client User Account

  1. Open the Excel Data Bridge maintenance website, select User Maintenance > New.


  1. Enter the following information then click Create: -
    • Name = the name of the user noted earlier
    • Password = enter anything in here, doesn’t matter what as Windows Authentication will be used for EDB
    • Domain = Users Domain e.g ULSU


Description automatically generated

  • Tick =







User Sheet Access

  1. Select User Sheet Maintenance > New and select the username from the drop-down.


  1. Select the sheets this user can access, i.e. all of them, or only sales orders etc.


  1. Select which Sage 200 companies the user can access; all companies will be listed here.  


  1. Leave Create Permissions and Allow Cached Data ticked.  The first allows the user to create data; the second allows the user to use data when they are offline.  


  1. Click Create to create the user sheet profile.   All combinations of records will be shown for each user, including which sheets and companies they can access.   


  1. To change access settings on a given sheet, click Edit.  


  1. Either click the Log-In button, or close and re-open Excel to gain access to the Excel Data Bridge features.