Email Templates are categorized into different types to meet various communication needs, such as when chasing for payment or when sending follow-up emails.

Chase Emails

EmailTemplates_ChaseEmailsChase Email Templates

Chase email templates can be used both manual chasing and automated chasing via Collection Paths. They are versatile templates that can be used for various stages of the payment collection process.

Follow-Up Emails

EmailTemplates_Follow-UpEmailsFollow-Up Email Templates

Follow-Up Emails are specifically designed to be used at the end of the Log An Activity process. They serve as valuable reminders to your customers, summarizing the key points discussed during the interaction on the call.

Call Follow-Up Email Template

The 'Call Follow-Up' email template reminds your customers about the important aspects of a call. It is triggered when a call has been logged, but no promise to pay has been created. This email serves to reinforce the discussion points and ensure clarity on the action items or next steps.

Promise Email Template

The 'Promise' email template serves a distinct purpose, specifically when your customer has made a commitment to pay. It is triggered when a call has been logged, and a promise to pay has been created. This email emphasizes the customer's commitment and provides a gentle reminder to fulfill the promise within the agreed-upon timeframe.

See Send a Follow-Up Email for more information on where Follow-Up Emails are used. By utilizing these types of email templates, you can streamline your communication, reinforce essential information, and effectively engage with your customers throughout the payment collection process.

Edit Only
You can edit the content of Follow-Up email templates, but you cannot duplicate or add any new email templates of this type, which is why the Add Email Template button is disabled.