Spindle by default does not check if the data in a ##VAR has changed on each page. This guide instructs on how to configure so that the commands are checking on each page. This is particularly helpful for criteria-checking forms e.g. different forms depending on which region the customer is based in.

Versions Applicable

  • Spindle Professional 2012
  • Spindle Professional 6
  • Spindle Document Distribution


1. Open Spindle Professional Tools

2. Browse to the respective Document Automation

3. Locate where your forms are inserted i.e. Email Settings, Printer Settings or on the Operation level

4. Add your forms

5. Select a form and click on Edit. Thereafter click on Criteria

6. Select the checkbox Only check against the commands on each page

Related Product Spindle Professional
Ref Number KBA-01-02-016
Document Date 223/11/2016
Original Author Zak Rangara
Document Version v1.0
Last updated  30/11/2017
Update Author  Vince Hodgson