Spindle Professional can be deployed using the command line.

Applies to 

  • Spindle Professional v6


To start the installation from a command prompt, open CMD.exe as an admin and paste in the command below depending on the architecture of the operating system.


SpindleProfessional6.exe /i /s /v"/qn"


SpindleProfessional6_x64.exe /i /s /v"/qn"

If required, Spindle Professional can be deployed using an application deployment system such as MS SCCM or BMC Marimba, amongst others, by specifying the command line above in the relevant control panel.


  • If DotNet v4.52 is not present on the target machine, it will be installed and the machine will reboot. The Spindle Professional installation will continue once the machine is started again.
  • The Spindle Pro shared folder will be set to C:\ProgramData\Draycir\ - This must be zipped/moved to a network location and the new location set in Spindle Professional Tools prior to full go-live
  • The User setup wizard will run either on next reboot after installation or on manual launch of the Monitor.

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