Under certain conditions, the Spindle Professional or Spindle Document Distribution printers may disappear. In this case you can reinstall the printers individually without needing to reinstall the whole application.

The method for doing this depends on the version of Spindle Professional / Document Distribution and that of Windows.

Versions Applicable

  • Spindle Professional 2009
  • Spindle Professional 2012
  • Spindle Professional 6
  • Spindle Document Management v7
  • Spindle Document Distribution v7


Use this chart to establish the method to use.

Windows XP - Windows 7
Windows Server 2003 - 2008 R2
Windows 8 and later
Windows Server 2012 and later
Spindle Professional v6 and earlierMethod 1Method 2
Spindle Document Distribution v7 and laterMethod 2Method 2

Method 1


C:\Program Files\Draycir\Spindle Professional 2012\Drivers\SP Driver\ and double-click SPInstaller.exe

Method 2

You will need to run a command in the command line interpreter for each printer. In the example below I am installing Spindle Document Distribution v7.4.10 printers on Windows 10.

1) Open the command prompt as an Admin

2) Navigate to the Drivers folder in the Spindle Professional or Document Distribution program files folder, using a command such as: cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Drivers\Auto Driver x64"

3) While in this folder you run the following command to re-add the Auto driver:

SPAInstallerV700_x64.exe /ACTION:INSTALL  /INSTDIR:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Auto" /PAPERSIZE:A4

Where the coloured sections above refer to :

The Installer command - note this changes depending on the printer to be installed

Whether it will install or uninstall

Where the driver will be installed - this also changes between drivers, but will be a subfolder of Spindle Printer Drivers and will be named Main, Form, or Auto as applicable to the printer being installed.

The default paper size (this is only required if installing drivers for Spindle Document Distribution v7.04 and later). This can be either A4 or LETTER, depending on the requirements.

4) You will then need to navigate up a folder and then back down so that you are in

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Drivers\Main Driver x64"

where you will run:
SPInstallerV700_x64.exe /ACTION:INSTALL /INSTDIR:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Main" /PAPERSIZE:A4

5) Finally the Forms printer, navigate to
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Drivers\Form Driver x64"

and run

SPFInstallerV700_x64.exe /ACTION:INSTALL /INSTDIR:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Form" /PAPERSIZE:A4

The following commands will install the drivers for Spindle Document Distribution v8 and v9:


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Drivers\Main Driver x64\SPInstaller_x64.exe" /ACTION:INSTALL /INSTDIR:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Main" /PAPERSIZE:A4


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Drivers\Auto Driver x64\SPAInstaller_x64.exe" /ACTION:INSTALL /INSTDIR:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Auto" /PAPERSIZE:A4


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Drivers\Form Driver x64\SPFInstaller_x64.exe" /ACTION:INSTALL /INSTDIR:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle Printer Drivers\Form" /PAPERSIZE:A4

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