When printing from Credit Hound Express, Credit Hound relies on the Credit Hound Auto printer agent for distribution of chasing and follow up letters. 

Versions Applicable

  • Credit Hound Express v4.60
  • Credit Hound Express v4.61


When clicking on Distribute on previewing a chase letter/follow up letter, the Credit Hound processor window doesn't appear. Consequently, no letters are distributed via email or physically printed.

1. Open Control Panel > Devices and Printers and look to see if the Credit Hound printer agents exist. The printer agents are named:

  • Credit Hound Auto
  • Credit Hound Form Creator

If the one or both of the printer agents aren't present, follow the steps below to re-install them.


1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Credit Hound Printer Drivers\Drivers

2. Depending on the printer agent that's missing, open either Auto Driver x64 or Form driver x64.

3. With Administrator privileges (right-click > Run as Administrator), run either SPAInstallerWin8_x64 / SPFInstallerWin8_x64 depending on the agent missing.

In Windows 7 or 2008 R2 you can simply double click the appropriate installer to add the printer.If using Windows 8 / 2012 and above, you must use the command prompt to install the drivers.

Note: For an introduction to the command prompt please see (this page specifically refers to Windows 95-XP, but applies equally to all versions of Windows)

1) Open the command prompt as an Administrator.

2) Using the command CD, navigate to the Drivers directory inside the Program Files (x86) directory

3) Run the commands in turn for each printer (Spindle Pro, Spindle Pro Auto, Spindle Pro Form Creator):

SPAInstallerWin8_x64.exe /INSTDIR:"path_to_inst_dir"  /ACTION:INSTALL

Colour Explanation:

Installer application for the required printer
Flag to set the path for the installed files - this should be one of the folders visible in the image above (Spindle Pro, Spindle Pro Auto etc)
This sets the action to be performed (if required there is a companion Uninstall switch)