The guide below sets out the steps required to install Spindle Document Distribution (Standalone). This edition of Spindle Document Distribution is targeted at environments where Spindle Document Capture is not applicable, currently sites not using Sage 200 or Eque2 Construct.


  • Windows Vista and later, or Windows Server 2008 and later
  • Dotnet version 3.5 enabled
  • Dotnet version 4.x


The software installation files are available from the Draycir Partner Portal. Download the latest version from here.

The Installer will test the above requirements and if any are missing, will prompt you to install prior to the software installation. For example:

Click Install to install any missing required components, or cancel and manually install these components and re-run the Spindle Document Distribution installer.

When the pre-requisites are installed click Next.

Accept the licence agreement and click Next:

The next window shows the folder that Spindle Document Distribution will be installed into:

Unless you have a reason to change this, we recommend leaving it as the default. Click Next to continue.

You are now asked for the Primary Application. If your ERP is listed in the dropdown, select it, otherwise choose No Primary Application required.

Click Next to continue

In the following window you are asked to specify the location for the shared folder.

This needs to be a location that is accessible to all users, and can be specified by drive letter or by UNC path. Click Next.

The installer now has all the required information and will start the installation process when you click Install.

The installation will proceed in two stages. First, the main application is installed into the folder specified, then the Printer Drivers are installed. You will see an additional installer icon appear on the Taskbar during this phase. The driver installation phase also installs and starts the required Spindle Pro Printer Agent service on the machine, as well as adding the three Spindle Document Distribution printer drivers,

When the installation is complete, click Finish:

After the installation has completed, the User Setup Wizard is displayed, allowing you to specify the user's name, email address etc, as well as defining the email device and other distribution devices to be used. These settings can all be changed after the fact in Spindle Document Distribution Tools.

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