This guide contains steps to upgrade older versions of Spindle Professional or Spindle Document Management to Spindle Document Distribution Standalone.


The first and most important step is to backup the Spindle Pro folder.

1. Open Spindle Professional Tools or Spindle Document Distribution Tools > User Settings > Options. Highlight the path displayed and right-click - copy. Paste this path into Windows Explorer to be displayed with the parent directory of the SpindlePro folder.

2. Right-click on the SpindlePro folder and Send to > Compressed (zip) folder. You've now taken a backup of the SpindlePro folder.

3. Ascertain you have admin privileges and run the Spindle installer over the existing installation


4. Once the installer has finished, open Spindle Document Distribution Tools. You will now be prompted to upgrade the database.

5. Upgrading the database will render other users of Spindle unable to use Spindle until they've been upgraded also. Proceed with the database upgrade and let it run.

6. If you have upgraded from Spindle Professional, you will need a new licence key to use with Spindle Document Distribution. This can be obtained from the licence team ( If you are upgrading from and earlier version of Spindle Document Distribution then you can use the existing licence key.

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