In Credit Hound there maybe instances whereby Analysis Codes Names need to be altered, however when you go into Credit Hound Manager they appear greyed out and uneditable

You will need to select the Analysis Code (In this example "Account Manager") and remove the code. 

This issue occurs because Credit Hound takes all changes from Analysis codes from the Sales Ledger Customer Account table. In the Configuration within the Module's have been configured as it should this will not Sync through the correct Data

Applies to

  • Credit Hound v6
  • Credit Hound V5


In our example we are going to Edit the Field "Account Manager" to change to "Acct Mgr"

As shown above in the Accounts Screen the Analysis code which we have setup is Displaying as "ACCOUNT MANAGER"

Open up Sage 200, Navigate to the Accounting System Manager>Settings>Maintain Analysis Codes Option

As shown below we have the Codes setup 

As shown above the Changes have been made to the name of the Code, it's now being displayed as Acct Mgr (click on the Save button)

If you want to check the names have changed, Proceed to the Sales Ledger>Utilities>Ledger Set Up>Maintain Analysis Codes

Access Credit Hound Manager and Connect to the company (Company>Configuration) and proceed to connect to the company

You will need to select the Analysis Code (In this example "Account Manager") and remove the code. 

Click on Add

Select from the List/Code the Analysis Configured and then select the OK button


Once this has been added, by default it will be added as the most recent Analysis Code

By selecting the the Up button, we can move this up the list to its previous configuration/setup

Navigate back to the the General Tab and click on Disconnect

Proceed to Open up Credit Hound, log in with the respective User account and select the correct Company and run a full Data Synchronisation (Data Synchronisation>Full)

Access the Accounts List in Credit Hound

Once you're in the Accounts List select the Columns List as you can see below Analysis Code 1 - Acct Mgr (Is now displayed) Select this option and click on the Save 

We highly recommend running a Secondary full Sync and this should bring in the values associated to the Analysis Code


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