As with many pieces of software you need to create 'users' for Credit Hound. This allows you to track who has done what.

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Credit Hound


Open Credit Hound Manager

Select Startup>Users

Use the New, Edit, and Remove buttons to manage the list of users

There are three types of user Full users and Business Intelligence (BI) users, and Limited users:

Full usersBI usersLimited users*
Generate reportsYesYesNo
Review accountsYesYesYes
View Chase informationYesYesYes
View their Home PageYesYesNo
Design letters and reportsYesYesNo
Chase customers for moneyYesNoNo
Tag invoices with reasons for non-paymentYesNoNo
Tag invoices with disputesYesNoNo
Write lettersYesNoNo

*Introduced in Credit Hound version 5.10

You can only create as many users as you have purchased. If you’re using Credit Hound in trial mode you can create up to five Full Users and five Business Intelligence Users

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