After installing Excel Data Bridge for the first time you will proceed to go onto the following link in order to complete the user set up: http://<<servername>>/ExcelDataBridgeMaint   

once inside you will see on the left hand pane of the screen -  'Licenses', once inside of licensing page you will be prompted to enter the license key. After you have done this, open up Excel and check to see if you can access Sheet and a company. 


Offline Licence
When you apply a license for Excel Data Bridge whether this is a new installation or for a renewal. If the server where the Excel Data Bridge  maintenance website is installed does not have internet access (or uses a proxy which wont be set in the maintenance website so again will mean the Excel Data Bridge maintenance website does not have internet access) then Excel Data Bridge will not be able to authenticate the licence key.
You will see this error "Failed to authenticate license. Unable to connect to the remote server. Please try saving the license file to send for authentication"


In order to resolve this issue you will need to download the license.lic file and send this in to us here at We will then send you back the file so the following steps can be complete in order to resolve your issue:

How to save the license.lic file

In the Excel Data Bridge maintenance website, you need to go to the licencing section
Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "save" licence button.
You will then need to Enter the licence key in the key field and then set a licence path to write the file out to or leave blank to use the path suggested in the text.
Click "save licence" and this will save a licence.lic file out. You would then need to send that to us here at and we can authenticate that file and give you a licence.lic file back.

Once we have received the license.lic file we will respond back with the authenticated file. You’ll now need to save this file somewhere on the server, > licensing section > Upload option.
Browse to the authenticated licence file and click on upload.
If this successfully applies, the licence page will refresh showing the licence details

For any further queries please contact us at