After an upgrade or migration of SDC from one server to another is finished, in Server Administration > User Profiles, a red bar displays with the message 'Error validating the licence. Please contact support'. The buttons to add, remove and edit the user are greyed out. This error message is commonly reported on older versions of Spindle Document Capture (1.15 and older).


The resolution is to set all users to the licence type 'Spindle Professional'. This type does not take up an SDC licence.

  • Take a backup of the Azman file named ServiceAuthorization.xml (C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Spindle Document Capture\Server\Data) and the Draycir.SDC SQL database
  • Stop the Spindle Document Capture service (Server Administration > Manage Service)
  • Open SQL Management Studio and navigate to the UserProfiles table in the database Draycir.SDC. Enter 3 for all users in the column LicenceTypeAsInt and close the table
  • Open the Azman file with Notepad and delete all <Member> elements from the AzRole element. These are found at the bottom of the XML file
  • Restart the service and open up User Profiles in Server Administration. Now you should be able to edit the user roles.