When upgrading Spindle Document Capture, the installer shows a message with error code 1920.


  • Click "Ignore" to dismiss the error message and let the installation complete. You may see this error twice during an upgrade. Spindle Document Capture is correctly installed.
  • Open the Windows services console by typing services.msc in the start menu search field. 
  • Locate the two Spindle Document Capture services: Spindle Document Capture and Spindle Document Capture Mobile
  • Right-click each service and select Properties>Logon and re-enter the password for the SDCServiceUser account. If you do not know this password you will have to reset it via Windows Control Panel>User Accounts.
  • You are now able to start these services using either the Services MMC console or the SDC Server Administration GUI.


Spindle Document Capture uses a Windows account (SDCServiceUser) to run its services. In version 1.5 of Spindle Document Capture and later, this account is created and configured automatically by the installer. In versions prior to v1.5 it was necessary to created this user manually. When the SDC v1.5 or later installer is upgrades SDC, it will reset the SDCServiceUser logon details to use a default internal password, which prevents the two services mentioned above from starting.