Upgrading Spindle Document Capture has three stages to the process. Back up, upgrade and test. The first two are carried out on the server and the last stage is carried out on the client(s). The steps taken to upgrade the application is similar to installing the software. However, a slight complication arises when the components of SDC are spread over more than one server. This can be the case when the SQL instance is on a different server.

A server migration in conjunction with an upgrade to SDC will be more time consuming than simply installing or upgrading. Spindle Document Capture is installed twice during the server-migration process.

Before upgrading SDC, ensure the application isn’t in use. It is important you read this article prior to commencing with the upgrade.


  • SDC Server Installer.exe
  • SDC Client Installer.exe
  • SQL SA credentials
  • Server IP Address(s)
  • Licence Key*

*A new licence key is only required if SDC is being upgraded from legacy versions to versions newer than 1.5. To find out if the version of SDC you are on is legacy, open up Server Administration and look in the bottom left hand corner. Legacy versions are: 1.2.100, 1.2.200 and 1.2.500.

If the upgrade does not involve legacy versions of SDC (e.g. upgrading from 1.05/1.5 to 1.17), a new licence key is not required.


Back Up

Backups are compulsory as there is potential for data to become corrupt. Three components have to be backed up, all of which are typically found on the server(s). The three things are:

Configuration Data

Browse to the server where the Spindle Document Capture Service is installed

Navigate to the folder ‘C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Spindle Document Capture\Server\Data’

a. The ProgramData folder may be hidden. Use Folder Options in Windows Explorer to show hidden files

b. The path will be different on an OS older than Windows Server 2008

3. Take a copy of the templates folder and all configuration files found within this directory


Backing up SQL Database

1. Use SQL Management Studio to logon to the SQL Server instance containing the SDC database ‘Draycir.SDC’

2. Right-click on the database and select Tasks > Backup…

3. On the ‘General’ page ensure the backup type if set to Full and that the database is set as ‘Draycir.SDC’

4. On the ‘General’ page set the backup location if required

5. On the ‘Options’ page ‘Check verify backup when finished’

6. Click ‘Ok’ to start the backup process


Backup of Archived Documents

1. Open Server Administration on the server and click on System Configuration

2. Click on Archive Locations. This will display the two paths you have chosen to archive your documents.

3. Browse to these paths and zip the parent directory

4. Copy the zipped folders to a secure location



First upgrade the server installation of SDC. Thereafter upgrade the client installation(s).


Testing the upgrade

Confirm the upgrade has been successfully by carrying out the following tasks:

1. Check the service is running

2. Capture a file from within Sage 200

3. Scan a file to the pending tray/document portal and check if you can open it

4. Search for documents that have been archived from both, Document Search and within Sage

5. Print a barcode from within Sage and scan it back in

6. Test the connections in service address on the server admin and service address on the client admin


Upgrading SDC and Spindle Professional

Make a back-up of the SpindlePro shared folder. Thereafter, upgrade Spindle Professional. SDC can now be upgraded by following the steps outlined in above.