When you install Spindle Document Capture on a new machine, you need to configure a number of settings to assure it is going to work as desired. 

Some of these settings is held within Windows, this guide will talk you through how to enable the core Windows features required for the software to function.

Applies to 

Spindle Document Management, Spindle Document Capture.


Follow the below steps;

  • Go to your Start Menu on Windows and find Control Panel
  • From the Control Panel window, select Programs
  • Under the heading for Programs and Features you should see an option for Turn Windows features on or off
    N.B: You may need Local Administrator Access to amend these settings

  • On the window that loads up, make sure the options within the red boxes are selected (some installers may run)
  • After you have selected all of the tick boxes, press OK and that's it!

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Spindle Document Management, Spindle Document Capture
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