Applies to

Spindle Document Management v7+


When first installed, Spindle Document Management creates a local machine account called "SDCServiceUser". Alternatively, you may create a domain account to use in its place, specifying it during the installation process. If the password credentials for this account change, you will need to update a number of settings to reflect the new credentials:

  • SDC Server Administration
  • IIS Application Pool
  • Services Control Panel

SDC Server Administration

IIS Application Pool

On the server, open Internet Information Services Manager, expand the server name in the left hand pane, and select Application Pools

Select SDCADmin, then Advanced Settings...

Under Advanced Settings, select the ellipsis next to Identity:

Then click Set 

Enter the new credentials

Click OK to get back to the IIS Manager window and Start the Application Pool.

Services Control Panel

Open the WIndows Services Control Panel

Right-Click the Spindle Document Capture service and choose Properties

Switch to the Logon Tab, and updtate the user name and password:

Repeat for the Spindle Document Capture Mobile service.

Restart both Services.