When installing or upgrading to Spindle Document Management version 10.8 or higher, the below error may appear in the installer, causing the installation to fail when Yes or No are selected:


In versions 10.8 onward of Spindle Document Management, there is a component for the Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition module which is capable of automatically updating. This has its own service and a separate service user which is created to run that service.

The above issue occurs when the installer cannot create the user.


Since it is failing to create the user, the user profile must be created manually before running the installer again.

In Local Users & Groups, create a user named 'SDCUpdaterUser' (note that the middle word is 'Updater' and not 'Update'):

Please ensure that the name is correct. it specifically has to be named SDCUpdaterUser.

Ensure that the user has full control permissions to the below file paths:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir
  • C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Recognition

After this has been done, run the installer again.

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Document Date15/08/2023
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