Legacy PayThem will reach its end-of-life in the first quarter of 2024. Draycir strongly advises all customers to migrate to Draycir PayThem 2.


  • Spindle Document Distribution / Spindle Document Management version 9.0 or later
  • A Draycir PayThem 2 subscription 
  • The login credentials for the chosen payment provider
  • If the new payment provider will be Opayo from Elevon, then 3DSecure must be enabled in the Opayo portal


Update the ERP document layouts for any invoice-type documents.

The document layouts should already contain most of the required Spindle Document Distribution commands, however you will likely need to add the following in the report writer:




Create the new Draycir PayThem integration

Using Spindle Document Distribution Tools, and add it to the Document Operation

Configure the PayThem portal

See KBA 14-02-044 for details

Enter the Payment Provider details

If you were using SagePay for your payment provider in Legacy PayThem, you can connect PayThem 2 to the same SagePay/Opayo account.

If you were using WorldPay for your payment provider in Leagacy PayThem, then you will need to select an alternative payment provider from the following options:

  • Opayo
  • Total Processing
  • Stripe
  • Transsafe
  • TrueLayer

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