When using Draycir PayThem v2, changing payment providers is handled entirely within the Draycir PayThem portal. You do not need to modify Spindle Document Distribution, Credit Hound Cloud or any layouts in the accounting system.


  • Credentials for the Draycir PayThem portal.
  • Credentials for the new Payment provider. These vary from provider to provider, so for any questions relating to these credentials, please contact the respective provider's support team.


Open your Draycir PayThem portal ( and log in.

Open Settings>Payment Providers

Click Add Provider Configuration, select the new provider (in this example Total Processing):

In the upper section, give the provider configuration a name and (optionally) a description:

In the lower section enter the credentials you have for the new payment provider (image may differ from your display depending on the provider selected) :

You can now save the configuration.

At this stage you have three options, you can 

  • Delete the older Payment configuration
  • Disable the older Payment configuration OR
  • Retain the older Payment configuration but set its priority below (ie closer to 0) that of the new configuration.

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