Draycir PayThem v2 makes use of a Transaction Custom Host ID. which uniquely identifies a payment request.

It is in the format of 


So for Invoice SI00012345, account ABB001 dated 20/3/2024, the ID would be 


The recommended setting in the PayThem Portal under Preferences>Advanced is to always create and always update the custom Host ID:

In some earlier implementattions, the Host ID is generated by the commands in Spindle Document Distribution Tools and may appear as  


And you will need to adjust any ##MVAR1...## commands on Statements or Credit Hound Letters accordingly

Viewing the Custom Host ID on the PayThem Portal

To see the Transaction Custom Host ID on the portal, you must enable advanced detail view on your profile, click your initials in the upper right and choose "My Settings":

Then set the "Show Advanced Information" dropdown to Enabled 

You will now see the Transaction Custom Host ID displayed against each transaction in the Transactions tab:

Using the Transaction Custom Host ID

As the ID is generated by the system, you do not need to interact with it for Invoices. For any process that uses a basic statement style integration, you will need to build the ID in a matching format to the one in use. For new implementations where the system is configured to always create the ID, it will be in the format described above.

The ID needs to be passed into a ##MVAR1...## command such that it is formatted correctly. See these articles for details:

KBA-14-02-006 - Adding PayNow button to Credit Hound Professional Chase Letters

KBA-14-02-007 - Adding PayNow button to Statements

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