Installation of Spindle Professional in Unattended Mode.

Versions Applicable

  • Spindle Professional 2012
  • Spindle Professional 6
  • Spindle Document Management (v7.0 - v7.3 only)


  • A fully installed and configured printing environment (e.g. Sage ERP X3, Realitex), with printing running under a service account that can log in interactively to the server.
  • Spindle Professional with a licence that allows Unattended Mode, and is linked to the Sage ERP X3 serial number (using serial_adonix) if it is to be used with Sage ERP X3.
  • For Windows Server 2008-2008 R2:
    • A service control utility such as:
      • SRVANY from the Windows Server 2003 resource kit
      • NSSM
      • Always Up software from CoreTechnologies. This is a separate commercial product from a third party
  • No additional requirements necessary for Windows Server 2012

Failure to meet these requirements can result in delays in the implementation and may necessitate calls to the Draycir service desk.

Establish the Print Agent Process and Print Agent user account

Print Agent Process
Sage X3 ERP
Sage 500
Sage 1000
NAV Dynamics AX

We will refer to this as the Print Agent process and the Print Agent user account.

Spindle Professional Installation

Start with Sage ERP X3 installed. Establish the Sage ERP X3 print agent user account. This is the account that the ”AdxSrvImp.exe” process is running under on the print server. In the image below it is "adonix" with a password of "adonix". The Spindle Professional monitor processes must run with this account otherwise processing from Sage ERP X3 may fail.

Alternatively check the Sage X3 management console, where this is configured when installing Sage ERP X3.

Install Spindle Professional onto the Sage ERP X3 print server as the print agent user account (Right-click installer>Run As… in Win XP/2003, or Shift Right-click>Run as different User in Windows Vista/2008 and later). Please ensure that this user has admin rights to install the software. Once installed, the User Setup Wizard will be shown. Complete the wizard, accepting all defaults, or selecting the options you require. After the installation is complete, the server must be rebooted before Spindle Professional can be used.

Run a test print via control panel to ensure that Spindle Professional is running correctly. This will happen in the current interactive user context rather than the adonix user, so you will get a second user set up wizard. You can cancel this.

Next remove the interactive log on features of Spindle Professional from the Sage ERP X3 print server by ending the following four processes: 

  • dsplpaagent.exe
  • dsplpagent.exe
  • dsplpfagent.exe
  • SpindleProxxxxMonitor.exe (where “xxxx” is the Spindle Professional version e.g. 2012)

Thereafter prevent the Spindle Professional Monitor from launching on log on by running C:\Program Files (x86)\Draycir\Spindle ProfessionalXXXX\SpindleProMonitorTSConfig.exe. Select the option to remove the local machine. 

You can double-check that all is well by adding and removing Local Machine once more. Adding and removing will show a message that says “Done!” if successful.

Install ‘Always up’ - (Windows Server 2008 & 2008R2 only)

Download and purchase ‘Always Up’ from Core Technologies Install the software accepting all defaults or tailoring to your requirements as necessary. Enter registration info if available or register later to use the thirty day trial. Add new application to be run as a service.

Then set the options as follows:

General Tab

Name: Spindle Pro Monitor Service (or any name you like)

Application: Select the path to “SpindleProXXXXMonitor.exe”, by default this is in C:\Program Files(x86)\Draycir\Spindle Professional XXXX\SpindleProXXXXMonitor.exe.

Leave the rest of the fields in this tab with their default values.

Login tab

Enter the login details for the AdxSrvImp process user(\adonix in this case).

Restart tab

Set the option for the service to restart immediately.

Then select Save>>

Back in the main Always Up window, start the service using the Start button on the tool bar.

Open services.msc and check that the service is running correctly and as the correct user.

You can double check the login details here by right-clicking, then selecting Properties and checking the Log On tab. Use the task Manager to confirm that the Spindle Professional monitor and agents are running as the adonix user.

To be certain, add the column “Session ID” to the Task Manager window (View>Select Columns…) and ensure that both the username and Session ID columns match between the Sage ERP X3 Printer service, “AdxSrvImp.exe” and the Spindle Pro Monitor process “SpindleProxxxMonitor.exe”.

Once finished and you're happy, enable unattended mode in Spindle Professional Tools>User Settings>Unattended Mode.


Windows Server 2012 and later

The set up for unattended mode in Windows Server 2012 (and Windows 8) onwards is made somewhat easier because the virtual print agents run as a service in all cases. You must still ensure that these services run with the same credentials as the application's print agent process, (ie the Print Agent user account). 

This can be accomplished in one of two ways:


1) Log into Windows 2012 server with the Print Agent user account. For this stage, this account must have permission to install software. These permissions can be removed later. Install Spindle Professional and run through the user set up wizard.


2) Log onto the Windows 2012 server with an admin account (that is not the print agent user account) and install Spindle Professional.

Run through the user set up wizard and provide the answers as if it were for the print agent user. Open Services.msc, right-click each of the Virtual Printer Driver services, select Properties, then Log on, and set the correct username and password.

In Spindle Professional Tools, configure the output devices for the print agent user. Set the Unattended mode options as required, typically we want to run the Processor minimised, and to close the processor on warnings and errors.

We now need to copy these settings from the currently logged in user to the print agent user registry hives. For this we need to know the SID (Security ID) of each user on the PC. To show this , enter the following command at a command prompt:

wmic useraccount get name,sid


And you will see a list of usernames and SIDs. Once we have the SIDs of the logged in user (that we will copy from) and the print agent user (that we will copy to) we will need to export the registry keys from: HKEY_USERS\ [SID] \Software\Draycir\Spindle Professional to save a .reg file on the desktop, then edit this file in Notepad and find/replace the SID of the logged in user with that of the print service user. Save the notepad file as a .reg file and double click it to merge these values back into the Registry. This will allow the monitor to launch without asking for the User Setup wizard to run.

Whichever of these two methods you use, we next need to prevent the monitor from launching on login, by removing the values from: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Ensuring the printer can receive print jobs across the domain

Finally we need to enable two additional parameters for the printer agents:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Draycir\Spindle Professional\Printers\Spindle Pro Auto]
"Allow domain session"=dword:00000001
"Allow self session"=dword:00000001

Please note: As the above registry locations pertain to the native printer driver, they are always in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Draycir... regardless of whether you are installing to a 32-bit or a 64-bit environment. They are never located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Draycir...

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