Spindle Report Scheduler allows you to specify a designated printer for reports to be printed to. If you need the output to be sent to Spindle Pro Auto printer, so that documents are processed on a schedule, you will need to configure Spindle Document Management to run in unattended mode on one machine. The setup of this machine depends on the environment that Sage 200 is running in.

Sage 200 clients deployed to individual user PCs

Configure SDM in unattended mode to run as SRSSU on one machine, see below for the process.

Sage 200 clients on a Terminal Server or RDS server

Install Sage 200 client and configure SDM in unattended mode on a separate machine as below and have it remote into the Sage 200 server.

Unattended mode setup


  • An SDM Licence with unattended mode enabled
  • A domain account named SRSSU
  • Account SRSSU¬†to be a member of the Administrators¬†group on the machine

Configure SDM as per article KBA-05-01-004 - Installing SDM in Unattended Mode so that the service runs as the SRSSU user.

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