In certain cases you may wish to fully remove SDM/SDC from a machine, for troubleshooting purposes, licence conformity or to prepare a machine for a demonstration or Draycir training course.

Uninstall Spindle Document Management

From Windows Control Panel (note, NOT the Modern Settings application)

Uninstall SDM Client, then Server.

The installers will remove the remaining SDM components from the list:

Also uninstall any Spindle Professional Demokits that are listed.

Navigate to the SDM shared path location (for Sage 200 this is typically in (...\Sage\Logon) and delete the SpindlePro folder (if you may need to reinstall SDM take a backup first):

Remove User Accounts

Open the local User Accounts management console (lusrmgr.msc) and delete SDCServiceUser from Users (or delete it from AD if it is configured as a domain account).

In C:\ProgramData\Draycir, delete three folders; Spindle Document Capture, Spindle Document Distribution and Spindle Document Management

Remove SQL Databases

Open SQL Server Management Studio and delete the following databases:

  • Draycir.SDC 
  • DraycirDemoData (if present)

Delete any users with the names 

  • SdcSqlUser or 
  • SDCServiceUser

Remove Sage 200 Add-ons.

Open Sage 200 System Administration>Add-ons, and remove any Spindle Document Management (or Document Capture) related Add-ons i.e. Spindle Full Integration and/or Spindle Custom Layouts

Finish up

Restart your PC. You may now proceed with a clean installation of SDM.

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