When installing Spindle Report Scheduler for Sage 200, you may encounter an Error 1722 with a message advising that the installation cannot complete and that it will be rolled back.


This message is shown if the installer cannot complete, and is typically the result of the pre-requisites not having been met.


Ensure that the following pre-requisites have been met before running the installer:

  • A Windows user exists that will run the Service (eg SRSServiceUser, this should be a domain account unless all components are running in the same machine).
  • This user is added in Sage Administration
  • The user has access to all companies
  • The user has a role allocated so that it is a remote user
  • Sage 200 client is installed for this user. That log in as the SRS Service User and run the client installer, you can do this by using the Switch User feature of Windows.

Applies To

Spindle Report Scheduler v1

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