Spindle requires data from Sage 50 to generate the PayThem URL that directs to the Sage payment gateway. The fields are mapped in the Integration Manager module within Spindle Professional Tools.

Click on the attachment link to download a spreadsheet which lists the integration variables. 

Points to note:

  • Fields highlighted in red are compulsory
  • The VendorTxCode is a concatenation of two Sage fields linked with a hyphen (-) 
  • BillingSurname does not map to an individual Sage field. The Sage field used for BillingFirstNames outputs the data for both Spindle fields
  • DeliverySurname is affected by the same protocol as above
  • DeliveryFirstNames does not have a delivery contact field in Sage 50. Delivery Company Name is used instead
  • VendorEmail does not map to a Sage Field. The data is pulled through from a Spindle field named ##SPUSERMAIL##
  • BillingFirstName needs to be adjusted according to the preferred field. Sales.Ledger.Contact_Name OR Invoice.Contact.Name can be used

If you need further assistance, please contact the Draycir Support team.

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