Spindle Professional’s PayThem button requires mandatory variables to be mapped to data pulled through from Sage 200’s database to the report designer. Using the data from these variables, Spindle is able to generate a URL for the PayThem button. One of these fields is the ##AMOUNT##. When placing this variable in conjunction with the respective calculated Sage field on the Sales Ledger Statement with Advice (Single) layout, the trailing zero is cut off e.g. 1234.50 will display as 1234.5. This will stop Spindle from rendering the PayThem button and subsequently, stop the processing.

Versions Applicable

  • Spindle Professional 6.13 and newer
  • Spindle Document Management


1. Insert an Expression entity on the report designer in lieu of the existing ##AMOUNT## expression.

2. Insert this formula "##AMOUNT " + FormatString ("{0:N2}", SUM(SLPostedCustomerTrans.OutstandingValue)) + "##".

Re-run the operation. The PayThem button should now generate.