In some circumstances, when emails are sent from Spindle Professional to Outlook and are held in drafts, the message is returned with a non-delivery report (NDR).

Applies to

Spindle Professional 2012 v5.86 and later, Spindle Professional v6


This is caused by the Address resolution in Outlook incorrectly resolving the email address given by Spindle professional


      1) Identify whether the email connecter is Outlook 2000-2013 or Legacy Outlook 2000-2013

      2) Establish whether email address resolution is enabled or disabled.This setting is listed in the Processor log file following an email distribution:

20150223.091208 04: ENTERING CDDOutlook::LoadSettings

20150223.091208 04: Settings - Override default sender : TRUE

20150223.091208 04: Settings - Legacy override method : FALSE

20150223.091208 04: Settings - Address resolution : Enabled

20150223.091208 04: Device loaded successfully

3) Switch it to its opposite & retry

The setting is located in the registry under

HKCU\Software\Draycir\Spindle Professional\Generic\Distribution\Devices\3be7bb6c-b54c-4950-b33d-92276cfaf398

(for the Outlook Connecter)


HKCU\Software\Draycir\Spindle Professional\Generic\Distribution\Devices\ 12afcebd-0fce-49d5-a804-62bf46829608

(for the Legacy Outlook Connecter)

There is a DWORD key / value pair named "Disable Address Resolution" with a value of 0 or 1.


If this exists, switch it to its opposite, if it does not exist, create it, and set it to 1, then retry.