Upgrading Credit Hound is a simple process of making backups and running the installer over the top. Complications arise if the back-end database is Access-based and the version being upgraded to is v5 or newer.

Versions Applicable

  • Credit Hound v4.XX
  • Credit Hound v5.XX


1. If Credit Hound is using SQL as the database backend, make a backup of the SQL database. The database name follows this convention: COMP000X where X is the unique company ID. If using access database backend, skip this step and go to step 2.

2. Make a backup of the Credit Hound Data folder. This folder is centralised and installations of Credit Hound all point to this folder. To find the path to this folder, open up Credit Hound Manger > Configuration and the path should be displayed there.

3. If the client is being upgraded to v5 or newer and they're using access database as the backend, they will need to migrate their access database to a SQL database. KBA-03-02-010 - Migrating the Credit Hound company database to an SQL Server

4. Run the installation executable over the top of the current installation of Credit Hound. Ensure the Credit Hound Data folder is picked up from the existing installation.

5. Open Credit Hound and click Yes to upgrade the database when prompted. This will stop other instances of Credit Hound from working until they also upgrade to the same version. The database upgrade prompt will only appear on the instance that's first upgraded. This upgrade need be done only once.