If Invoices have been archived into a logical folder structure on a file server, whether using Spindle Professional's PDF archive functionality or using any other method, Credit Hound can attach the relevant invoices to the emails sent out. 

For example, let's imagine the invoices are archived via Spindle Professional to a folder such as : 

\\server\archives\AB001\Invoices\Inv 0000234.pdf

(where AB001 is the account number and 0000234 is the invoice number)


To attach these files to the letters from Credit Hound, we need to specify the attachment directory in the letter header:


##ATTACHDIR \\server\archives\[Account.Reference]\Invoices ##  

(note: we have to specify the account reference using the Credit Hound report designer syntax)




Then, in the transaction detail section, we add the ##ATTACH...## command

##ATTACH INV [Reference].pdf##

Of course, we want to set this label to as small a font size as we can (2pt) and set the text foreground colour to white (note: NOT Transparent), and close up the gap so that the lines are not too spaced out.

When this is printed to the Spindle Pro Auto printer, Spindle Document Distribution will attach all invoices to the outgoing email.