The Basic Statement functionality of PayThem v2 can be used with Credit Hound Letters, but requires that all invoices that appear on the letter to have been processed through an Invoice-style PayThem v2 integration first. If your Spindle Document Distribution licence is limited to use with Credit Hound, you will not be allowed to process the invoices from the ERP through Spindle Document Distribution. Instead we will use Credit Hound to pre-populate the invoice requests with the necessary data so that the letters can use the Basic Statement functionality.


Create a dummy letter by removing most of the text from a Chase Letter, and setting the Page Break for the TransactionList band to add a break before the section, This will produce a document with each invoice on a separate page which we can poulate woth the required data for an invoice integration. 

Process this from Credit Hound to Spindle Document Distribution as part of the Pre-Emptive letter rule., we will name it "Populate Invoice"

Doing this will create the payment request for each invoice that will later be chased.

Create a new document type in Spindle Document Distribution named Populate Invoice with no distribution configured, but with an Invoice style PayThem integration added:

Above: New document Type, with no distribution methods specified, and Warn User if no distribution method found unchecked

Above: Add PayThem integration to this document type

In Credit Hound, Tools>Rules, configure the pre-emptive letter rule to first write the populate invoice 'letter' and then write the standard pre-emptive letter.

The add a second Write Letter action to write the Pre-emptive letter. Note that the the populate invoice letter must be run first

Configure the chase letters with MVAR1... commands as usual, adding a statement style PayThem integration. 

A copy of the Populate Invoice letter is attached that can be imported to Credit Hound using Tools>Letters>Import. You must amend the DATASETID value to match the company number in the PayThem Portal.

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