A handy guide on setting up the foundation commands on report layouts within Sage 50 and 200 to work with Spindle Professional.

Versions Applicable

  • Spindle Professional 2009
  • Spindle Professional 2012
  • Spindle Professional 6
  • Spindle Document Distribution


1. Open the Sage layout for the document you want to print to Spindle Professional

2. Add an expression object to the report. An expression object is required for dynamic data to be pulled through from the database.

Foundation Syntax

“##CFG AutomationName## ##VAR1 “ + Sage.field + “## ##VAR2 “ + Sage.field + “##”

IF Syntax

|Sage.field| |operand| |value to check against|?|value if true|:|values if false|

Invoice.Account_Ref = Zak001? ”Yes”:”No”

Subtring Syntax

“Substring(“String to use”,”start substring from”,”number of chars in substring”)

Subtring("Example String", 0, 5)

Related Product Spindle Professional
Ref Number KBA-01-02-017
Document Date 23/11/2016
Original Author Zak Rangara
Document Version v1.0
Last updated  30/11/2017
Update Author  Vince Hodgson