Credit Hound* back end is SQL. The application is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to insert, update and drop records in the database. For Credit Hound to function properly, it needs to talk to SQL successfully. This guide outlines how to resolve the SQL error 40 when trying to setup a new company.


  • The format to enter the server name is SQLSERVERNAME\SQLINSTANCE
  • Switch to SQL SA credentials if Windows Auth doesn't work
  • If SQL SA credentials don't work either, there are two things to check:
    • Permissions:
      • Client must be on the same domain, different domains have not been tested
      • The account have db.creator and db.owner permissions to create the COMP000X database
    • Network
      • If the server takes too long to respond to the request by the client machine, it'll pass the timeout threshold, thereby displaying the error message

*Credit Hound v4 supports Microsoft Access backend. Credit Hound v5 and v6 dropped Access backend.

Server name without specified SQL instance:


Server name with specified SQL instance: