When you distribute documents from Credit Hound to Spindle Professional, you see error 1002 even though some documents have been successfully processed.


With every licence for Credit Hound, you are entitled to a restricted licence for Spindle Professional. This only allow printing from Credit Hound and no other application. If you attempt to print to Spindle Professional when using this licence key you will see the error shown above.

If we consider the following scenario:

  • You have a licence to use Spindle Professional with Credit Hound only, so the documents printed from Credit Hound are processed correctly.
  • Some of those documents would be sent to the printer instead of by email.
  • Spindle Professional is configured to use the default Windows printer.
  • The default Windows printer is set to Spindle Pro Auto

What will happen here is that the document is printed from CH, sent out to the recipients via email, fax, print etc according to the rules in Spindle Professional but when it comes to printing the letters, you are then effectively printing to Spindle Professional from Spindle Professional and not Credit Hound, hence the error message.


To resolve this you can do one of the following:

  1. Change the user's default windows printer
  2. In Spindle Professional Tools set the default Spindle printer to a physical device
  3. Change the document automation in Spindle Professional Tools

Any or all of the above will resolve this, 1) is the easiest to implement

Special note for user of Windows 10 and Windows 2016

if the OS is Windows 10 or Windows 2016, you must either use a named printer in Spindle Professional Tools or disable Windows default printer management in the Settings App > Printers & scanners: