Note regarding nomenclature

In September 2016,  Draycir launched Spindle Document Management, which includes two components: Spindle Document Capture and Spindle Document Distribution.

Spindle Document Distribution is the new name for Spindle Professional. Wherever references in this knowledge base to one or the other of these apply equally to the other you will see both products listed in the "Applies to:" section at the top of the article.

Where features differ between Spindle Professional and Spindle Document Distribution, this will be noted explicitly in the text. If the differences are significant, We will publish a new article filed under section 5 (for Spindle Documeht Management) and will add a cross-reference from the Spindle Professional KBA to the Spindle Document Management article (and vice versa)


In July 2018, Draycir replaced Spindle Professional with a standalone version of Spindle Document Distribution. This section of the Knowledge Base contains articles relating to both the current Spindle Document Distribution and also the Legacy Spindle Professional (v1 - v6).

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