In some instances within Credit Hound v6 the date formats displayed on the dashboard and the accounts list may differ from the computer settings, so while the PC is configured to use UK date formats, Credit Hound displays in US format.

Applies to

Credit Hound v6


This issue is a result of the fact that Windows' Regional settings are configured per user, and the CreditHoundSU user is configured using different regional settings from the logged in Windows user.


The resolution is simple, update the regional settings for the CreditHoundSU user to match the required settings for the Windows user. This can be done in several ways, here are two of them:

1) Login into the server where Credit Hound Server element is installed as the CreditHoundSU user and change the regional settings from the Control Panel

US Below:

UK Below:

2) While logged into the Credit Hound server 'normally', run the Regional settings as the CreditHoundSU user. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

Click the Start Button and type CMD. The Command line interpreter icon will be displayed.

While holding down Shift, and Right-click the icon

Select "Run as different user"


You will be prompted with the option to run as a different user, fill in the details of the CreditHoundSU user 


The Command interpreter will now open up in the context of the CreditHoundSU user

Type in intl.cpl and hit enter.

This will bring up the "Region and Language" control panel for the CreditHoundSU user

In the image below it's set to English (United States) and the Short date is set to M/d/yyy


Change this to the correct UK format, Apply and Save.


Re-open Credit Hound to see that the Date format now matches the OS setting. 

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