Configuring the SagePay integration using Spindle Document Distribution requires the data to be formatted in a particular format, and the Sagepay encryption password to be correct. 

If the data are not provided as expected you will either see errors while processing the document as Spindle Document Distribution performs basic validation tests, or you will encounter an error when using the button on the resulting document.

If you see errors in the processor window, please check the data provided are all in the required formats and no mandatory data are missing.

This document covers the scenario where clicking the PayNow button results in the following error :

Applies to

  • Spindle Professional v6.14+
  • Spindle Document Distribution


The error shown to the user can have a number of causes. TO identify the exact nature of the issue you will need to use My Sage Pay.

In My Sage Pay, click transactions, then click invalid, there should be an entry in that list detailing the failure reason. 

If the status detail does not give a clear reason (typically misssing or mismatched data) please contact Elevon/Opayo/SagePay support for assistance.

No failure shown in My Sage Pay

If there are no failures shown, the 5080 error may be an indication of incorrect encryption password being used, commonly the result of switching from Test to Live environments. You can access the encryption password by logging in to My Sage Pay as the administrator:

You will need to update the encryption password in Spindle Document Distribution Tools>Integration Manager>Settings:

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