In some instances the need to change the Draycir.SDC Database when moving servers is required. Typically this configuration is required when a company has 2 different arms of a company and want to keep them segregated or they have a naming convention in place which is required for backup processes.

Applicable Versions

  • Spindle Document Distribution v7 and later
  • SDC


TAKE BACKUPS BEFORE ATTEMPTING CONFIGURATION (Draycir.SDC Draycir Spindle Document Capture Program Data)


1 - Install SDM (Have a SDC service user which is unique to one which is not in use) (Ensure a SQL User is also created which has DB Creator rights)

2. When Installing the Server Part of the install 2 - MOST IMPORTANT  SELECT- CREATE DATABASE LATER

3. Access the Database Configuration file: As shown below change the DB name to Draycir1.sdc (The change of name can be whatever is required to suit the companies needs)





4. Go into Services.msc and restart the following services:


This should now create a new DB called Draycir1.SDC. In this instance the old Database should be restored over the top