The default document type can be changed for a manual document archiving process. We can manually change this by editing an XML file named for the screen in question in Sage 200.


We need to create an XML file with the correct name of the form. We can establish this by opening the form in Sage 200 and clicking the Help button in the upper right hand corner:

This will open the help file in your default web browser, if you now check the URL of the page you have opened, it will end with the internal name of the Sage 200 form (after cshid=) : 

The URL will contain underscore characters where the original file name has dots

We now need to create our XML File. First we download the file attached to this KBA and expand it to a new folder.

We locate the XML file corresponding to the form name we established earlier: 

and open it using the text editor of our choice (in this case, Notepad). Remove everything between the <IntegrationControl>...</IntegrationControl> tags.


The section of this file that we need to update is within the <DefaultTemplateSelection>...</DefaultTemplateSelection> tags, in the example above we see the default location is Customer Purchase Order. 

W- will change this to Picking List and save the file.

The file should then be saved into the folder "C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Spindle Document Capture\Client\Sage 200 Integration" on the PC where Sage 200 is installed. If this folder does not exist, we will need to create it.

To make the change effective, close and reopen the Sage screen to check whether the default value has changed.

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