When Spindle Document Management is installed to a site that also uses Sicon Sage 200 add-ons, the user may get the following error when viewing screens where the Spindle Document Capture document is attached:

Applies to 

Spindle Document Capture v1.5+

Spindle Document Management v7

Spindle Document Management v8


This error is displayed because Sicon's add-ons create additional third party business objects for Sage 200, of which Spindle Document Management is ignorant by default.

To resolve this we need to amend an XML file containing the link reference definitions so that Spindle Document Management can link against the Sicon business objects.

Gather Information

  • Locate the log file Sage200Desktop.log from the user's Documents\My Draycir Logs\Spindle Document Capture folder:

  • This will show the objects that Spindle Document Management cannot find. Search the log for the word "Unmatched" and establish the following three items of information:

  1. The Link Type (it will be displayed on the line above "Unmatched")
  2. The Link Reference
  3. The Sicon Business Object name

  • In the above example we have : 
  1. Link type name Customer Transaction
  2. Link reference name Transaction Reference
  3. Sicon business object Sicon.Api.Sage200.Objects.ExtendedNominalAccountPostedView

Update the XML

  • Locate the file on the Spindle Document Management server
  • C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Spindle Document Capture\Server\Data\Templates\LinkTemplatesForSage200.xml
  • Back this file up in case of any issues
  • Search for the LinkTemplate Type that matches the Link Type established above
  • In that section locate the LinkReference:

  • We can see that the Sicon business object we found in the previous step matches a default Sage business object, in the above case we see that they are both ...NominalAccountPostedView, so we can copy the Sage Business Object line and update its Name field to the Sicon Business Object name allowing Spindle Document Management to see the required Property.
  • Search for any other occurrences of (in the above case) NominalAccountPostedView in the same Link Template section of the XML and add the Sicon business object to those sections as well.
  • Replace the XML file on the server with the modified file and restart the Spindle Document Capture services

If you have any concerns with this process, please contact Draycir Support with the log file from the user's PC and the XML file from the server.

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