KBA-01-01-016 - Unattended Mode Installation - v10.9+


After installing version 10.9 of Spindle Document Distribution and enabling Unattended mode, some additional tasks must be completed.

  • Ensure the service is running under the correct user account
  • Configure Spindle Document Distribution for the service user
  • Set silent running operation

Set the service to run as the print user

For Spindle Document Distribution to function in unattended mode, the Service must be run with the same user account that is calling the print operation in Windows. This account will vary according to the ERP being used. 

For example, in Sage X3/EM, the account to use would be the account that is running the process AdxSrvImp.exe:

Other ERPs will use a different process to carry out the print function.

Once you have established the print service user account and have its credentials, open the Services panel (Services.msc), right click Spindle Pro Printer Agent and choose Properties>Logon, enter the credentials for the service user and click OK, then restart the service:

Configure Spindle Document Distribution for the Service User

In order for Spindle Document Distribution to process your documents, it needs to be configured for the user in question. 

To do this, run Spindle Document Distribution Tools as the Service user by holding down shift, then right-clicking the icon and choosing "Run as a different user"

Enter the service user credentials and then login to Spindle Document Distribution Tools.

Under User Settings>Options, click the Setup Wizard button to start the setup wizard:

Complete the wizard to set the contact details, the default printer, the email device and so on.

Enable Silent Running

Under User Settings>Unattended Mode>Silent Running, select all three options 

  • Run Processor Minimised
  • Close Processor when an error occurs
  • Close Processor when a warning occurs

Final Settings

If the ERP uses Crystal Reports as its report designer, you will need to enable the Crystal Reports patch in the Windows registry under 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Draycir\Spindle Document Distribution\Generic\Configuration

Set its value to 1 to enable.

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