When attempting to open Credit Hound, or connect to a company within Credit Hound Manager, a user may receive the below error message:

"Unable to logon to the company 'COMPXXXX', Please ensure the user has permissions to access the specified company."


This error means that the CreditHoundSU user and/or the user logged in does not have permissions against the Credit Hound Shared Data Path.

You will firstly need to open Credit Hound Manager, to check where the Credit Hound Shared Path is located:

You will then need to navigate to this same path, right click the folder and click properties:

Navigate to the Security tab of the properties, ensuring that the CreditHoundSU and Credit Hound Users have full control to the folder and any subfolders:

If not present, click Edit and Add to add the new required user:

You will then be able to add permissions for the newly added user:

Lastly, click apply and attempt to reopen Credit Hound.

If this does not resolve your issue, please get in touch with Draycir Support.

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