Spindle Professional allows for creating a CSV file for each document archived. Each CSV file contains a single record with the data that is used in the variables. Spindle does not accomodate the concatenation of multiple one-record CSV files into one for multiple archived documents. We can use basic commands in the command console to have Windows concatenate these CSV files into one text file, then have Excel import the data from the text file.

Applicable Versions

  • Spindle Professional 2009
  • Spindle Professional 2012
  • Spindle Professional 6


1. Open Spindle Professional Tools and browse to the automation tree that Spindle is using when archiving. Expand until you see Archive Settings. Make a note of the destination archive.

2. Open Archive Manager and select the destination archive noted down in step 1. Check Create CSV File. For multiple documents, uncheck Overwrite existing file. This will make Spindle create individual CSV files for every document archived.

3. Run the print job and let it complete. Browse to the specified archive directory. You should see all your documents along with their relative CSV file.

4. Follow example 1 on this website to have all the CSV files condensed into one Excel file.

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