In some instances when scanning capturing from Sage to SDC Pending Tray/Document Portal you may require a default scanner to be picked up. If there are any outstanding TWAIN device software still installed on the machine they maybe picked up in Pending Tray/Document Portal and the below error may appear. Therefore if you have a default scanner which you would like to appear in list without selecting this can be achieved by modifying a XML on the server.  


Before making any changes to the XML file, please ensure all users are out of SDC and Sage

Firstly we will need to stop the Manage Service within SDC Server Administration Tool

Navigate to the following path on the server

C:\ProgramData\Draycir\Spindle Document Capture\Server\Data\

Before amending any XML file please ensure you take a backup  

Right Click on the CaptureDeviceConfiguration XML, open with notepad or Notepad ++ (we do recommend the former)

As you see in the screenshot below the line we want to a un-comment is the   <!--<DeviceName>EPSON GT-S55</DeviceName>-->

As you see below, we have un-commented the line and amended the device to pick up our default device

Original Source code:

<!--<DeviceName>EPSON GT-S55</DeviceName>-->

amended example:

 <DeviceName>EPSON DS-30</DeviceName>

Proceed to save the XML FIle

Once the Changes have been made, please proceed to re-start the Manage Service within Server Administration Tool

Once a capture is made within Sage, the Pending Tray/Document Portal will show the default scanning device which we amended in the XML file