Applies to 

Credit Hound v3.27+


By default Credit Hound stores its log files in the user's Documents folder, in a subfolder named "My Draycir Logs\Credit Hound". This allows Draycir support to investigate any issues that may arise with Credit Hound and/or Credit Hound Manager. 

However this can cause issues in certain circumstances, such as where the user folders are redirected to a server, so the output destination can be amended by updating the registry keys below for each user in turn.

As an additional troubleshooting measure, overwriting of the log files can be disabled by enabling unique log files in this same registry location:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Draycir\Credit Hound\Diagnostics]
"Log File Location"="%HOMEPATH%\\AppData\\Local\\Draycir\\Credit Hound\\Logs"
"Create Unique Log Files"=dword:00000001