Whenever the Accounting system is upgraded to a new version, Credit Hound must be configured to take this into account.

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Credit Hound Express for Sage 50


After upgrading the Accounts host system, if the user logs into Credit Hound they will see the following error.


The current Credit Hound database is still storing information on the previous accounts connector. To configure Credit Hound to use the new accounting system is a two-step process, first we enable the new accounting module and then we change the company connector in Credit Hound Manager.

Make sure all Credit Hound databases are backed up before upgrading the connector.

Enable module

Open Credit Hound Manager, and navigate to Modules>Accounting modules

Select the new accounts module,

Check enable host system module

Enter accounts system credentials.

Change connector

Still in Credit Hound Manager, navigate to Setup>Companies

Select the current company, click Change Accounting System Connector.

Select the new accounts module.

The above changes will modify the Credit Hound Company connector to the latest accounting module connector.

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