To allow for Credit Hound integration into Sage 50, the user  must enable this functionality inside Sage 50.

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Credit Hound, Credit Hound Express for Sage 50


1. Register Sage Data Objects  and enable Third Party Integration on your Sage accounts. 

2. To do this, open Sage and  click the Tools > Activation >  Enable Third Party Integration menu option. 

3. A screen will appear with a phone number to call;  

4. Call  this number and request  the SDO Serial Number and Activation Key from the Sage customer services agent,  enter the details in the textboxes provided and click the Register button. 

5. Note: when calling the phone number the Sage customer services agent  will usually ask you for you Sage Line 50 Serial Number (see the Help > About menu for this), your  company name, first line of your address and / or postcode. 

6. Obtaining the SDO Serial Number and Activation Key is a completely free  service (apart from the price of the call) and will typically take no long than  5 minutes.  

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Credit Hound, Credit Hound Express for Sage 50
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